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At Harqa, we believe that every person should be able to flaunt their style confidently. That’s why we’re passionately devoted to bringing out the best in our customers through our luxurious range of products. From professional 10-minute eyelash extensions that guarantee long-lasting results to versatile 3D mink lashes that can be customized for any occasion–we have something for everyone.

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about harqa-1

Harqa Eyelash Company has been a leader in foreign trade and eyelash extension solutions since its inception 10 years ago. With Our vast experience in customer service and comprehensive solutions, we can provide unparalleled quality care for our customers' needs. From the beginning, We have made it their mission to deliver the best possible eyelash experience with guaranteed satisfaction. Our commitment to creating beautiful eyelashes with safe and long-lasting effects has made us a trusted name in beauty and fashion worldwide. Whether looking for a genuinely luxurious mink or synthetic lashes, Harqa Eyelash has something for everyone. With an expansive range of styles, from natural to dramatic, you can find the perfect look that suits your beauty routine. So take a deep dive into luxury with Harqa Eyelash Company!

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